Exhibitions & Awards

March 2023. Building Beauty (Juried)

Downtowner Gallery, Round Rock. Texas

November 2022. Birdsong. In the Anthropocene.

McCrory Timmerman Galleries, Taylor Texas


October 2022. Art Hop. (Juried)

Georgetown Art Center. Texas

October 2019. Art Hop. (Juried)

Georgetown Art Center. Texas

June 2019. Cityscapes

Fusion Art. Palm Springs

May 2019. Far Country (Juried)

120ART, Taylor TX

May 2019. BirdSong: Animalia

McCrory Timmerman Gallery, Taylor TX

November 2018. Bon Voyage!

Round Rock Arts

October 2018. Pearls before Swine

Elgin. Texas

April 2018. Far Country. Juried Show

120ART, Taylor. Texas

March 2018. Imagine. Juried Show

Round Rock Arts, Round Rock. Texas

January 2018. Member’s Show.

120ART, Taylor. Texas

Where the Fairies Are

October 2017. Pearls Before Swine

Elgin Arts Association, Elgin, Texas

The Roman. Pastel on Sanded Paper. 18" x 24"

September 2017. Georgetown Art Hop

Georgetown Art Center, Georgetown. Texas

July 2017. Animalia

120ART, Taylor. Texas


March 2017. Far Country. Juried. 3rd Place

120ART, Taylor. Texas

Artcompetiton.net. Flowers

Honorable Mention

September 2016. Sensory

120ART, Taylor. Texas

Centered. Mixed Media. 6x6

August 2016. Early Life

120ART, Taylor. Texas


August 2016. Artists Interpret Red

Artspace, Round Rock. Texas

Italian Graffiti. Mixed Media. 11" x 14"

July 2016. Dog Days. TAGat120ART

120ART, Taylor. Texas

Bend in the Thames. Ink & Watercolor. 6 x 6

February 2016. RED. TAGat120ART

120ART, Taylor. Texas

Poppy. Watercolor. 11" x 14"

December 2015. Bazaar. Galerie Takavenir

Lodeve, France

Fire Horse. Pastel on Sanded Paper

November 2015. Pearls Before Swine. Elgin Arts Association

Elgin, Texas. First Place

Cardabelle. Ink on Paper

November 2015. Holiday. TAGat120ART

120ART. Taylor, Texas

Goose. Pastel

October 2015. Transportation. TAGat120ART

120ART. Taylor, Texas

British Racing Green. Pastel

September 2015. Figure It Out. TAGat120ART

120ART. Taylor, Texas

Sketchbook. Recumbent I. Pastel. 16" x 20"

June 2015. Out of the Blue. TAGat120ART

120ART, Taylor, Texas

Southerndown. Mixed Media

May 2015. Nature Nurture. TAGat120ART

120ART. Taylor, Texas

Landscape Plan I. Ink on Paper

March 2015. Ides of March. TAGat120ART

120ART, Taylor, Texas

The Roman. Pastel on Sanded Paper

February 2015. Terms of Endearment. TAGat120ART

120ART. Taylor, Texas

Scenes from a Willow Pattern Plate. Ink on Paper

November 2014. Transportation. TAGat120ART

120ART. Taylor, Texas


October 2014. Georgetown Art Hop

Statewide Juried Art Competition. Georgetown, Texas. Honorable Mention, 2D.

Cardabelle. Ink on Paper. 14" x 14"

November 2013. Dios de Los Muertos. Round Rock Arts Council

Artspace. Round Rock, Texas

Nightmare in a Pumpkin. Mixed Media

October 2013. Georgetown Art Hop

Statewide Juried Art Competition. Georgetown, Texas

English Wall. Watercolour

May 2013. Garden Party

An exhibition with Judy Blundell. Atelier 95. Taylor, Texas

Cactus. Mixed Media. 12 X 16.

November 2012. Animalia

An exhibition with Judy Blundell. New works. Pastel on Paper. Atelier 95, Taylor, Texas

The exhibition was a life study of actual to scale animals in which Indian elephants came face to face with Texas longhorns. Funds raised benefited L.O.P.E. Horse Rescue of Central Texas.

Elephant. Pastel. With Judy Blundell